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It's both career and/or personal...depending on what you want to focus on and also, what I see when we meet...If you don't know what to do, it would be very task-oriented. If you actually know what to do, but find yourself not doing it, then we would address what's in the way. Either way this is about freedom and freedom to take action and produce results.

Here are the's a series of 4 sessions, each an hour in length...just one on one...done in the privacy of my home.  Non-confrontational & completely confidential. We will be audio taping each session for you.  You bring the recorder, smartphone, laptop, handheld mini-recorder. ( I also have a cassette recorder and you can bring a 90 min. cassette tape.).  There is homework each week...could be a list of "to do"s in your career...might even be a specific type of walk on a beach!  One of the constant homework assignments is to listen back to the tape each week. You have access to me for online coaching for the duration of our sessions you literally  have coaching available 24/7, pretty much.  We talk and we explore...we look at what you want to work on, or get rid of....obstacles or blocks...or some people just want to go to the next level and aren't quite sure how to do that...whatever is your commitment, that's mine too.  Again, the ultimate goal is freedom and freedom to act, so that things move forward and results occur.
I like to complete the sessions within a 2 month period (sometimes we put more than a week between sessions).  Once the 4 sessions are complete, there is no need to continue...unless at some point, you want to do another series...OR, you can then "dip in" for a single session...but nothing is required or necessary after the initial 4 sessions.  I coach in the mornings Monday-Friday.  

The total cost is $400 payable in full (cash or check) at the first session.

24-hour cancellation policy (unless a late audition occurs or an emergency).  Failure to attend a session will result in the forfeit of that session.


Six (6) half hour calls scheduled weekly (or longer) Mondays thru Fridays at 8:30am, 9:00, 9:30 or 10:00 PST.
Client calls in at scheduled time.  

Fee:  $270 (Payment in full due prior to the first scheduled call.)

*NOTE: The client is responsible for making the call, calling on time and being prepared for the call.  Missed calls will result in forfeit of that session.  (Exception:  true emergencies)


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