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Carolyne Barry (323) 654-2212 /
Best commercial classes in town. Also has a full curriculum for All levels of acting and improv classes. Over 30 years in LA. Awesome.

Actors’ Network -  (818) 509-1010 /
THE best resource center for actors in LA.  Great training on networking, free seminars to members, “power” groups.

SEENWORK – Jeanette O’Connor /
Best of the Casting Director Workshop groups I’ve seen.  Intimate space, good actors, good casting folks, fair prices.  Must audition to become a member. (Also, In the Act and Act Now have good reps)

David Giella – (818) 439- 4715 /
Teaches Meisner-based scene study class.  I owe my entire guest star career in one-hour dramas to David.  He is a genius.

Mara Casey – (323) 243-0282 /
Mara was the half of the Casting Director team who cast “Gilmore Girls”.  She is extremely current on what is happening in the TV business and is now teaching full time.  Amazing positive energy and very supportive and empowering to the actor. (Special class for “Working Pros” is outstanding!)

Tim Phillips – (310) 772-8262 (VM) /
I have booked 2 jobs out of just auditing once and coaching once privately with Tim.  He is an expert at the auditioning process.  His clients all work.  I will continue to use him as a coach!  He teaches full-time.

Holly Powell – (818) 377-4588 /
Holly is a fantastic former Emmy-winning casting director and takes you through the pre-read, the audition, the callback and the network test for pilot season.  All on-camera.  GREAT class.

Barbara Deutsch – (818) 508-9096 /
Barbara is MY coach and MY mentor in my acting career.  Whenever I can’t see the forest for the trees as an actress, I go to her.  She is insightful and has small intimate groups for actors in addition to coaching privately.


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