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“It's not called 'BREAKTHROUGH Coaching' for nothing! I have been blessed to attend two of Lauri Johnson's seminars and have been blown away by how quickly she got to the root of my mess and helped me to come up with strategies for dealing with all the roadblocks (real and imagined) that were keeping me for fully enjoying my journey as an actor. Her coaching style is open, down to earth, honest and accessible to everyone regardless of where they are on their path as an actor. Lauri set a supportive atmosphere from the moment the class started, allowing all of us to share without fear of judgement. Which allowed all of us to learn from each other's triumphs and tragedies. The things I learned from her and by listening to her coach others in the class have been invaluable! After Lauri's class, I feel equipped to leave all my 'noise' in the waiting area and enter each audition room ready to play. That's what it's all about, right? I highly recommend Breakthrough Coaching for any actor who's determined to get to the next level in their career without all the 'angst'. It is possible and Lauri knows how! Thanks heaps, Ms. J!!"

- Yvette Nicole Brown, Actress - Series Regular NBC "Community"

“Twice during my acting career in L.A., I have found myself feeling stuck: stagnating, indecisive, a little run down and frustrated by my failed efforts to move forward. Both times, I turned to Lauri Johnson for guidance.

Lauri pulls no punches: she makes you look at your obstacles, real or imagined, and face them down. In lesser hands this could be a brutal process, but with Lauri, it is refreshingly free of drama. Her observations are astute: her directions are uncomplicated. The result is a sane, methodical approach to the business of acting, AND a renewed JOY for the art of acting.

I now think of my career as I do my car: it needs care and regular maintenance from me to run smoothly, but sometimes it needs a mechanic to handle the bigger problems. Lauri Johnson is my career mechanic."

- John Balma, Actor - Recurring Guest Role on NBC "Parks & Recreation"

“When I first went to see Lauri, I was looking to take actions that would help me breakthrough the creative blocks that I had been struggling with. Lauri's approach isn't just about breakthroughs in your creative life, it's about creating breakthroughs in your overall life. Her knowledge, passion, commitment and caring helped guide me to a whole new level of confidence, self-expression and fun which is exactly what I was looking for. I went to my first session having not booked anything for nearly 2 years and I walked out of my 4th session having booked my first Series Regular Role for a Major Network Pilot, shooting soon. What more can I say? If you're thinking about coaching with her, do it! Take the leap!"

- Greg Hoyt, Actor - Series Regular on New Network Pilot

“Lauri zeros in on what YOU need to work on in a supportive, yet straightforward manner. In two months of working with her, I went from not working on camera for 2 years, to booking a guest-starring role on a TV show AND I strengthened and changed the primary relationships in my life! Lauri gets results!"

- Tracy Martin, Actress/Acting Coach

“Lauri Johnson is able to get to the heart of the matter quickly and provide concrete, doable solutions.  Her insight and wisdom have helped me through many of the ups and downs in my journey to a higher level of personal growth."

- Michael Adler, Actor

“Working with Lauri has helped me get to the root of things that have kept me from being creatively free; things that I was never even aware existed.  The results were powerful, permanent and practically instantaneous!"

- Greg Lee, Actor/Writer

“In just one session, I discovered things about myself that radically altered my approach to life.  After four sessions, I had the tools, the power, and the confidence, not just to actualize simple goals, but transform my dreams into reality."

- Woody Schultz, Actor, Specializing in Motion Capture & now working with James Cameron

“My actors have been raving!  I see big improvements in their auditioning skills…Many times they cannot hear what I say, or can’t apply it because of the “noise” in their heads.  You have made my job easier and, from what they say, their lives better!"

- Carolyne Barry, Casting Director & Acting Coach

“Lauri is a coach’s coach!  She has an amazing ability to always see what’s keeping me stuck and knows what to say to get me back into action.  She shines light on the darkest times and when things are moving, she knows how to press down on the gas.  She’s the greatest!"

- Geanne Frank, Screenwriter

“What is distinct about Lauri Johnson’s coaching is her ability to listen and then to direct you towards greater possibilities in productivity.  I highly recommend her as a career/business consultant."

- Terri Hanauer, Director/Writer


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